Collective TRIII

what we will do ?

The TRIII collective project was created spontaneously. Three experienced DJs at the club scene in Serbia, engaged in all spheres of club life in an attempt to try to offer a quality alternative. For this purpose, the TRIII collective will organize, and organizing a number of musical events and entertainment in the coming period, both with local and regional artists,

as well as with guests from all over the world. TRIII collective will pay special attention to associating with colleagues sharing the same or similar views on ethics and values of society. Agenda of the TRIII collective is association, respect for diversity and cultivation of underground music culture.

The doctrine of the TRIII collective is the maintenance of underground pulse in the areas where they will perform. The strategy of the TRIII collective is networking of the underground artists on the club scene of the planet, especially the Balkans. The tactic of the TRIII collective is direct sound contact with interested observers and followers through club underground parties as well as multimedia events.

Mirko Lazarević

is more then 20 years on the scene. Discreetly pulling the strings of dozen events held in the capital in the past few years,Lazarevic is responsible for bringing to the local scene exciting techno acts: Ness, Mary Velo,Hector Oaks, Tommy Declerque, if not Marco Dassi or Oscar Mulero. Introducing to you the darkest of the crew!

Boža Podunavac

earns the title of Belgrade’s oldest DJ still running the circuit. Podunavac dedicating himself to bringing to Belgrade the finest techno acts abroad to play along with (Mills, Hawtin, Clarke, May, Garnier, Saunderson, etc) becoming one of the main architects of the musical revolution which hit Belgrade in the late 90s.

Dušan Kačarević

is a pioneer amongst the younger generation of 90s Serbian DJs. He built himself a name as an unconditional lover of music, reputation of a tireless party boy and one of the most sophisticated serbian DJs. Ex-owner of legendary Belgrade club Wats, vinyl records collector and great admirer of audio technology.

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